Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pencil sketch by Gil Garcia

In the early years my mother began to teach all five of her children to draw.  I took to portraits and have been enjoying my craft for the past sixty-four years.  I have been surrounded by artist my entire life; my father being a sculptor of metal, my brother Paul a sculptor in bronze and silver and a painter of modern art, my brother Ben an acrylic painter, my mother (our mentor) a water colorist, and my oldest sister (a late bloomer) has taken to water colors.

Please email me at gilgarcia40@gmail.com if you wish to have a portrait done by an existing photo.
As you can see below I also do historical reproductions in oils.  Standard oil portraits such as Tonja Gauthier and Kerri Halstead on an 18" x 20" canvas $850.  The historical reproduction of Grandpa Rodolfo Ortega on a 30" x 40" canvas $2,800 plus shipping.

Click on each portrait to enlarge.

This painting is a bit unusual for me, only because 
it incorporates two different styles. I did not take 
a very good picture as you can tell in the lower 
left there is a washout. I call it, 'Old Field Slave.' 
this man really did existed. I used a picture that was 
taken in the early days of cameras. I just felt that by 
doing his portrait in oils, he'd will live on forever.

                                                        Grandpa Rodolfo Ortega (1909)

Tonja Gauthier (click on the paintings)
Maria Lana's Grandaughter

Kerri Halstead
Mahatma Gandhi
Mother Teresa

The Sandinista



Bob Baer

Contemporary/Modern & Surreal Art

The Nanny


 Nobody's Perfect

The Agony

Pondering Your Past

The Closeness of The Unfortunate Twins

Religious Art

The Moment of Atonement

Revised (Del Sarto Painting)
Madonna of the Harpies

Sport Paintings

Official Portrait Artist for the 
Sacramento Kings 2002-03 Western Conference 

Chris Weber in Action

Impressionistic Paintings
Tribute to Vincent

Windy Beard

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